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Techlets empowered EMR ONLINE AG, a Swiss service company, with tailor-made online information services, offering comprehensive insights, unbiased data, and real-time access to the global electrical market.

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EMR ONLINE AG, realised that Stakeholders in the electrical wholesale market faced a pressing need for accurate and timely updates on industry trends, competitor activities, and expert analysis. Every delay in accessing this crucial information resulted in substantial costs, underscoring the need for immediate, accurate market insights to facilitate strategic decision-making efficiently.


Techlets Pvt. Ltd. rose to the challenge by proposing a bespoke web portal, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of electrical wholesale market stakeholders. With client satisfaction and approval secured, the portal’s development journey began. 

Offering executive summaries, strategic insights, and detailed analyses, it stands as the definitive tool for informed decision-making and comprehensive market analysis. This collaborative endeavor ensured the portal met the specific requirements of stakeholders.

Data spanning across 196 countries
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Backed by over 25 years of experience
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Approximately 50,000 news articles with expert analysis
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EMR News Analysis

EMR ONLINE AG introduces its premier News Feed with Analysis, a gateway to custom updates on the global electrical market. Discover curated, up-to-the-minute information conveniently categorized for your perusal. Immerse yourself in the essence of our signature EMR Analysis, unlocking unparalleled insights and exclusive explanations, setting us apart in the industry.

EMR News Analysis
Corporate Profiles

Corporate & Executive Profiles

EMR ONLINE AG offers the gateway to comprehensive profiles of companies, associations, wholesalers, and key stakeholders in the electrical market. Dive into complete executive profiles, including names, positions, contact details, and social media links, offering unmatched access to industry movers and shakers.

EMR Market Insights

EMR Market Insights is the ultimate resource for strategic market information and up-to-the-minute data. Here lies the detailed macroeconomic analysis of the market spanning 196 countries, alongside market statistics, financial results, and comparison reports.  Gain valuable insights into turnover, growth, and sales trends, driving informed decisions in the electrical market landscape.

EMR Market Insights



EMR ONLINE AG, powered by Techlets Pvt. Ltd, has revolutionized the electrical market landscape. Providing timely insights and comprehensive data, it saves valuable time and resources. The introduction of EMR has provided end users with exceptional access to strategic information, enabling informed decisions and nurturing success in the dynamic market environment.

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